Fitness Club & Gym Vending Machines Services

It is crucial that your fitness club members stay hydrated and energized while working out. Installing both drink and snack machines will improve your customer’s experience and make working out even more enjoyable. Keep your staff, trainers, and members hydrated and satisfied to increase productivity!

Gym Vending services

Drink & Snack Vending Machines for Fitness Clubs and GYMs

What is a better feeling than drinking a cold beverage after an intense run or workout? Nothing!  Stocking your machines with the appropriate items is extremely important. You do not want to stock your snack machine with cookies or candy. Your fitness club members are looking for healthy, energizing, and nutritional drinks and food items. Bottoms Up Vending will take inventory of your machines to make sure your fitness club members and team are getting exactly what they want and need. 

What to stock your
drink vending machine with?

Water bottles
Vitamin Water
Protein Shakes
Coconut water
Muscle Milk 


What to stock your
snack vending machine with?

Dried fruit
Microwave popcorn
Protein powder
Protein bars
Traditional Snack 

Coffee Vending Machines for Fitness Clubs

There is one thing that we know everyone loves: Coffee!
Take a break with the coffee we know you need! As much as everyone loves a good cup of coffee, we know that everyone makes their coffee in a unique way. We have the option to keep everyone happy, satisfied, and productive! 
Check out our fully automated coffee vending machine. An automated coffee vending machine allows users to choose the cup size, dark or light roasts, sugar, cream, and many offer customers the ability to choose amounts. Give the option to keep everyone pleased. 

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Micro-markets for Fitness Clubs

Looking for a more unique approach? Micro-markets might be the right solution for you! 
Micro-markets are essentially small convenience stores located right in your business location.
Allow your customers to shop around, check out items and ingredients closely, and use an independent self-checkout kiosk. Your team and fitness club members will never have to leave the fitness club again!

Stock your micro-market with healthy, fresh items like fruit, vegetables, salads, yogurts, drinks, juices, soups, and sandwiches. In addition to food and drinks, stock your micro-market with items like sweatbands, headphones, phone chargers, and towels. 


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