How much does it cost to have a vending machine put somewhere?

When asking the question “How much does it cost to have a vending machine put somewhere?” there are a few factors to consider. 

  1. The vending machine type and size.
  2. The location, who it belongs to and how much traffic there is.
  3. Management, stocking and maintenance of the machine.

For example, if you’re trying to put a small snack vending machine in a location you don’t own you would have to consider renting space, buying or leasing a machine, and whether or not your paying for vending management services. 

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    If you have the right to place a vending machine in a specific location and there is a significant amount of foot traffic you are likely eligible for free full-service vending which includes equipment placement (the vending machine), stocking, and maintenance.

    Bottoms Up Vending will place vending machines in qualifying locations at absolutely no cost! Let us worry about inventory tracking, stock, frustrated customers, or making snacks and drinks available to your team.

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      Where can you get free vending machines?

      There may be some large food and drink distributors that offer free vending machines if you serve their products. This is a promotion Coca-Cola ran for a long time and may still be running- you can visit to find out more about that.

      However, even in the case that you get a free vending machine from a snack or drink distributor on the condition you sell their products, you still need to worry about filling and maintaining the machines. And, unfortunately, the risk of food spoiling or classically chocolate products melting, or worse than that- animals making their way into the pantry.

      All of these issues and many more become non-issues when using a third-party vending service like Bottoms Up Vending. By servicing over 200 vending locations we are able to streamline food orders and because even if one location doesn’t sell a particular item well we can move it to another location we can make use of all the inventory we purchase.

      How much will it cost to stock my own vending machines?

      Again, after the actual cost of purchasing the machine, there are costs involved in stocking the machine. Since you will most likely begin by only stocking a small amount you’ll be purchasing food at a higher cost. The simple rule of volume or wholesale. By purchasing in bulk you may save money on the initial costs but remember to include the cost of storage and the risk of expiration on items that don’t move as quickly as expected.

      Typically at a wholesale club like Sam’s Club or Costco, you can find individually packaged snacks in variety packs of 30 or 50. Still, each bag can range from $0.25- $0.50 and that won’t include the gas or time and all the other additional expenses involved.

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      Part of filling a vending machine is not just the actual snacks but also the entire automated sales process. In other words, you need to “stock” your machine with change too!

      You can generally buy coin rolls from your local bank- having a good relationship with your bank will make a huge difference especially when you’re starting out because you won’t be bringing them back that much money!

      Finally, you’ll need to collect the cash- hopefully, you can get some money bags from the bank to help you do that- collecting money bags can seem fun when beginning but remember that stuff can have plenty of germs so always wear gloves and wash your hands’ plenty.

      I’m ready to start servicing my own vending machine- where can I buy a machine?

      Obviously in order to stock and service your own vending machines you’ll need to buy vending machines (you may be able to lease vending machines from certain suppliers.) Bottoms Up Vending Leases self-service coffee machines to companies in need of office coffee solutions.

      Back to buying new or used vending machines!

      You can do some research on google to find out about the different models and designs of vending machines. Purchasing brand-new vending machines can be quite expensive and that’s why many people will opt for refurbished or lightly used automated vending machines. Bottoms Up Vending, offers new and used vending machines for purchase. If you’re looking to buy a vending machine we can help. Get in touch today and start your vending journey.

      If you’re considering the purchase of vending machines, one of the key factors to weigh is whether they are profitable for your business. The vending machine cost can vary depending on the type and size of the machine you choose, ranging from affordable options like cheap vending machines to larger and more advanced models.

      Small vending machines are available, and you may wonder, “how much do vending machines cost?” It’s essential to research vending machine prices and understand the potential return on investment before deciding where to put vending machines. If you’re interested in a specific type like a soda vending machine for sale, consider the purchase of used vending machines for sale near me.

      Ultimately, carefully assessing the vending machine price and weighing it against the potential revenue will help you make an informed decision on whether vending machines are profitable for your business.

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