How much does it cost to service a vending machine?

When trying to figure out the cost of servicing vending machines there are a few things you want to consider. What do you call servicing? And how much does it cost WHO?

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So, let’s begin with the simple costs of operating a vending machine. Let’s assume that the machine is in good working condition and won’t have serious mechanical issues for the sake of this article. Since machines do have issues that come up let’s just set aside a couple of dollars each month for machine service and repair. (Total cost: $2-$10 per month)

Once we have purchased our vending machine (you may purchase used or new vending machines, which each have pros and cons, but initially new machines will obviously cost more) we’ll need to get our machines delivered and installed into our new vending location. The cost of a new vending machine can range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the size, type, and features of the machine. The delivery and installation fee can vary depending on the distance, location, and complexity of the setup, but it can be around $100 to $500. (Total cost: $1,100-$10,500)

Once we have our machines delivered and installed into our new location we are just a few steps from having our machines vend-ready. Step one is filling up the machine with popular vending snacks and vending items such as chocolate, pastries, gum, and chips. Snacks for the snack machines and drinks for the drink machines! Some vending machines offer snack and drink combinations for lighter traffic locations. The cost of stocking up the machine can depend on the type and quantity of products, but it can be estimated at $200 to $500 per machine. (Total cost: $1,300-$11,000)

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Once we’ve filled up all our snacks and drinks we need to make sure that the coin bins are ready to accept coins and that the change dispenser or coin mechanism is properly filled and ready to return the correct change to customers. The cost of coins can vary depending on the denomination and availability, but it can be around $50 to $100 per machine. (Total cost: $1,350-$11,100)

Since many people don’t even carry cash at all, it’s really important for vending machines to have operating card readers to allow users to make credit card purchases. The cost of a card reader can range from $250 to $600 depending on the brand and model. There may also be additional fees for processing transactions, which can be around 2% to 5% of the sales. (Total cost: $1,600-$11,700 plus fees)

In other words, servicing a vending machine can include general maintenance that is required to “service a machine” or it can be referring to specifically repairing a broken machine.

Just like many machines, vending machines have many mechanical and moving parts which is why repairing a vending machine requires a trained vending technician. Just like when you call any home service professional there is usually a fee just for the visit– the same is true in most cases when calling out a vending repair professional. Once the technician comes to your location to diagnose the vending machines issue, in many cases a part will need to be replaced. Replacement parts can usually be found fairly quickly but also do cost money.

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“A vend motor can cost as little as $12 at the time of writing this article, but a vend bucket assembly will run you a whopping $350.” (Repair cost: $12-$350 plus service fee)

This is another reason why most vending locations shy away from doing their own vending and hire (often, at no cost) a vending management company to handle their vending needs. Vending management companies employ route drivers and vending technicians to service and repair machines at a number of vending locations. This is a win-win for most companies as the business receives a well-maintained and working vending machine with their teams’ and guests’ favorite snacks and the vending company can turn a profit by providing excellent vending services to clients at more than one location.

To sum it all up. The cost of servicing and repairing a single vending machine can add up. In most cases, the best route to take is to hire a full-service vending company that can handle all of your vending needs. If you do need replacement parts for vending machines check out

Because these cost can accumulate a lot of companies simply choose a free vending service like Bottoms Up Vending. We offer free setip, management, and maintenance to companies that apply. Contact us today to find out more.