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Manufacturing and Logistics Vending Services for companies in Illinois. Bottoms Up Vending provides vending machine services for manufacturing plants and logistics facilities.

We provide full-service vending for factories and warehousing companies all across Illinois.

We have proudly been serving freight facilities and top manufacturing companies in Illinois, since 2003. 

If you are in search of a snack and drink vending machine service for your distribution center or production plant, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a whole slew of vending machine services, including snack and drink vending machines, as well as ice cream and coffee machines.

Our snack machines are filled with all your favorite, traditional vending machine snacks. However, we do accept snack and drink requests. If you or your team want a specific snack just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide that for your location.

We consistently monitor inventory and we will make sure to have more of the snacks and drinks your team wants most.

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    Snack and Drink Vending Machines Services for Top Manufacturing Companies, Logistics Plants and Factories.

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    Highly Trained Route Drivers and Vending Technicians

    We take pride in our team of professional route drivers and vending technicians. All of Bottoms Up Vending route drivers are seasoned and trained vending technicians. This allows us to handle nearly any issues that do come up in real-time on our vending routes.

    Some locations are services once a week while many 24/7 logistic companies are serviced up to 3 times a week. We make sure to always keep your machines stocked and in good working condition even if it means that we are there 5 days a week. 

    Manufacturing and Logistics - Bottoms Up Vending

    Over 200 locations depend on Bottoms Up Vending to keep their team happy, satisfied and productive. It’s really important to use a quality vending machine service in order that your employees and guests are satisfied. Having fully stocked vending machines with the snack and drinks your team loves is why we’re here. 

    In addition to keeping your machines fully stocked, our machines are well maintained. Nobody likes the feeling of coming to the vending machines only to see the out-of-order sign. We do whatever is in our hands to have maximal up time on all our machines in logistic facilities and distribution centers all over Illinois

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      Everybody’s favorite snack is coffee! We offer state-of-the-art coffee vending machines for manufacturing plants and production facilities throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana.

      Our coffee machines allow users to select cup size, dark or light brews, amounts of sugar, and more options. We also have commercial, self-serve coffee options for companies who wish to provide free coffee for their employees.

      Learn more about our coffee machine and office coffee services by visiting our coffee vending page or simply fill out a contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

      Services we offer- Officee coffee

      Ice Cream Vending Machines Services for Freight Facilities

      Ice cream vending machines are becoming a popular choice amongst users. Everyone enjoys a good ice cream bar and at times ice cream can even serve as a meal replacement or at least buy you some time.

      You may consider placing an ice cream vending machine in your location’s loading dock or waiting room to keep your drivers productive and satisfied. 

      Bottoms Up Vending offers cold food and combo vending machine services to manufacturing plants and logistic companies in and around Illinois with over 65 employees or an equivalent amount of foot traffic. The possibilities are endless with microwavable popcorn and traditional vending snacks to state-of-the-art ice cream vending machines. 

      Micro Market services for Illinois manufacturing plants 

      In addition to our traditional vending machine services, Bottoms Up Vending offers innovative Micro Market solutions for industry leaders and manufacturers. Vending has taken a new face with open market automated kiosks available for nearly all vending locations.

      A micro market is a great way to potentially scale your break room convenience as Micro markets can range from small corner markets with vending machine hybrid options available to large full-blown mini-marts. And all of this can be done in your facility, fully automated. Essentially a self-run canteen.

      And the best part is, it’s totally headache and stress-free. We ensure all of our micro markets are stocked and maintained for the best results and customer satisfaction. Keeping your team happy, satisfied, and productive is our priority and we have been keeping teams happy since 2003. We’re confident you’ll be happy too!

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      Bottoms Up Vending provides free vending machine placement and full-line vending services to companies with 75+ employees. Let’s talk!

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