Milwaukee, WI Full-Service Vending Machine Company | Bottoms Up Vending

Are you looking for a Milwaukee, WI Full-Service Vending Machine Company?

  • Do you find yourself staring at an empty or broken vending machine?
  • Are you trying to stock and manage your own vending machines? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by all these tasks?
  • Are you not satisfied with your current or previous vending service provider?
  • Are you looking for your first vending machine service company?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, look no further! Bottoms Up Vending is your full-service, one-stop-shop vending company servicing Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will ensure a smooth transition into the vending service world. Sit back and let us manage, maintain, and stock all your vending machines. We are here to make your vending experience as hassle-free, headache-free, and convenient as can be!

Milwaukee, WI Full-Service Vending Machine Company | Bottoms Up Vending

Keeping Your Team Happy, Satisfied, and, Productive

Our motto is, “Keeping your team happy, satisfied, and productive.” And we stand by it! To ensure a happy, satisfied, and productive team we take inventory and encourage vending machine product requests. We will keep track of your team and guest’s favorite snacks and drinks to make sure they are offered exactly what they want. Investing in employee satisfaction will increase workplace productivity and efficiency.

What does Bottoms Up Vending offer Milwaukee, WI?

Bottoms Up Vending offers snack and drink vending machines, ice cream vending machines, and office coffee solutions. You can choose from automated coffee vending machines or self-service coffee machines. We all know the most important time of day is coffee time! With an automated coffee vending machine, your employees can customize their coffee by choosing their cup size, dark or light roasts, and sugar or cream. Self-service office coffee machines offer a monthly coffee subscription and provide your team with an unlimited amount of coffee at no cost to them! Start your workday with a smile and a cup of coffee!

Milwaukee, WI Full-Service Vending Machine Company | Bottoms Up Vending

We deliver, maintain, stock, clean, collect funds,

and deal with all the vending machine technicalities

and it’s all free for qualifying businesses.

Micro-Markets Vending Service in Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking to spice up your breakroom? Take vending to the next level with micro-markets and self-service kiosks. The future of vending is here. Micro-markets offer a wide range of healthy and fresh food options, as well as, a variety of snacks, drinks, salads, soups, sandwiches, and frozen treats. Adding a micro-market to your business location will give your team and guests a sense of a convenience store. Your staff can walk around, read ingredients, closely examine your food products, and pay independently with the self-service kiosks. Don’t worry about loose change or straightening out crumpled dollar bills anymore. Our vending machines and self-service kiosks are equipped with credit and debit card readers, along with apple pay.

Overwhelmed with the options? Contact us to speak further and find out which service is perfect for you and your team.