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Services We Offer

Drink Vending Machines

The most popular vending machines are drink vending machines. Drink Vending Machines allow your team or building visitors to purchase cold drinks of their through a fully automated drink vending machine. All of our drink machines accept, cash, credit cards and apple pay to make each transaction as simple and easy as possible.
Drink Vending Machines- Services we offer

Snack Vending Machines

Bottoms Up Vending offers snack vending machine services with healthy choices available and a great traditional vending selection. Our goal is to keep your team satisfied and create an enjoyable vending experience for all of our customers. We are glad to accept snack requests for all of our vending locations.

Coffee Vending Machines & Office Coffee Solutions

Coffee Machine Vending and office coffee solutions is crucial to employee satisfaction and work productivity! We offer great solutions for all coffee needs. Office coffee is a perfect fit for breakrooms, car dealerships, Learn more about our coffee vending options on our Office Coffee Page.
Coffee Vending Machines- Officee Coffee _ Services we offerr

Ice Cream Vending Machines

Ice-Cream Vending Machines are a classic favorite. The excitement of an Ice cold ice cream available on demand in combination with the nutritious values of an ice cream snack. Icecream contains milk and milk solids, which means whenever you eat ice cream, your body obtains the goodness of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium
Ice Cream Vending machine - Bottoms Up Vending - Services we offerr

Micro Market Services

Employee satisfaction goes hand in hand with productivity. Offices are taking a new curve and so is vending. Micro Markets are unmanned mini markets in your office location. Micro markets are often set up as the snack room itself. Micro markets offer many fresh and healthy options and can be customized to your employee’s desires.
Frankfort IL Micro Market Vending service

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Who do we serve?

Bottoms Up Vending offers top quality vending services to various sorts of businesses and organizations including but not limited to:

  • Colleges, Universities, Schools
  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living, and retirement centers
  • Municipalities, community centers, GYMs, car dealerships
  • Park districts, water parks, theme parks
  • Retailers, private businesses, hotels, motels, lodges

Refund Policy: No Questions Asked 

At Bottoms Up Vending our aim is to make every vending transaction be as smooth and convenient as possible. However, machines aren’t perfect and sometimes card readers fail or a bill or candy gets jammed.  Bottoms Up Vending makes refunds simple.

You have two options:

  1. We supply you with $25 in cash for reimbursing users as needed.
  2. We handle refunds for you. All of our vending machines are labeled with contact info for users to contact us and receive a refund. Most of our clients choose this option.

Customer service is our #1 priority — for you and your entire team.

I don’t have cash, am I out of luck? NO.

The days of crumbling dollar bills into the bill readers are long over. Bottoms Up Vending machines accept credit and debit cards along with apple pay. We still accept CASH at all our locations! Bottoms Up Vending is here for your convenience.

Bottoms Up Vending is running six routes at any given time and that number is moving up. If you’re located in Illinois or Indiana and looking for vending service you’re probably already en route. Give us a call to find out how to get added to a vending route. We make the switch as seamless as possible and you’ll be back up and ready to vend in no time.