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Micro Markets Vending Services

The future of vending is here with new and improved micro market vending services. Micro markets are similar to traditional snack and drink machine vending in the fact that they allow for fully autonomous end-user transactions. Micro markets come with a self service kiosk, essentially a self-checkout counter, where customers can pay for the items they’ve purchased.

What are micro Markets?

Micro markets are basically a really small version of a convenience store. They’re extremely convenient since they are installed into your place of work or breakroom. Just like a regular convenience store, micro markets are designed to carry all the popular items it’s users love. Bottoms Up Vending Micro markets feature plenty of items, including fresh fruit and salads, soups, entrees, sparkling drinks and juices, deli sandwiches, snacks and candies, gum and mints, low-calorie and low-fat options, pastries and cereals, breakfast sandwiches, ice cream, and other frozen treats.

Micro Market Vending - Bottoms Up Vending

Why you should choose micro market vending

Micro markets don’t work for every business and not every company has a place for a micro market– but, if you have the space you should certainly consider a micro market or hybrid option. Having a micro market gives your team so many more choices. Micro markets also afford a much cleaner looking design for businesses. Not only that, you can also have your micro market branded with your company logo and design to blend right in! A great team comes with a great breakroom and that comes with awesome vending options.

Hybrid micro market and traditional vending machine combinations

Our goal is to keep teams happy, satisfied and productive- and we do what we can to make that happen. Not every location is the right fit for a micro market which is why we offer hybrid vending solutions. With years of experience we help customers make the right choices when it comes to vending. Hybrid vending integrates Micro market and traditional vending machine services in order for location to get the best service possible. 

We serve hotels, assisted living, hospitals, factories, offices, campuses and other similar businesses all over Illinois and NW Indiana. If your business isn’t listed don’t worry! Give us a call or fill out the form and we’ll be glad to assist you. 


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