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Discover the convenience of our free vending services in Hammond, Indiana. Our vending machines are placed in offices, schools, and hospitals throughout the city. Leave the installation and maintenance worries to us. Indulge your customers or dedicated employees with a selection of fresh, popular snacks and beverages. Thanks to our efficient inventory management system, satisfying cravings has never been smoother! Embrace the delight of free vending services tailored to your requirements, enhancing the overall experience in Hammond.


    Companies Rely On Us: 20 Years of Trusted Service

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      Bottoms Up Vending is a vending company In Hammond, IN, that provides full vending services. More than 200 locations rely on Bottoms Up Vending to keep their teams happy, satisfied, and productive. If you wish to ensure the satisfaction of your employees and guests, you should use a quality and reliable vending service near you. It is our mission to provide fully stocked vending machines with the snacks and drinks your team enjoys. 

      Additionally, our machines are well maintained, ensuring they remain fully stocked. This has led to the company growing and succeeding because of its great team and commitment to customer service. Bottoms Up Vending, which provides vending services near you, is a licensed and insured business owned and operated locally. As one of the leading vending companies, we provide guests with snacks and beverages. Our company has become an industry leader through our innovative technology, healthy options, and dedicated service.  

      Bottoms Up Vending has grown rapidly, and we are known for our high level of professionalism and customer service. Our range of products and services includes coffee service, hot and cold drinks, snacks, ice creams, and other vending products for our clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, and the suburbs of Northwest Indiana.

      Snack and Drink Vending Machines Keep Your Team Happy, Satisfied, And Productive.

      Bottoms Up Vending is a vending company in Hammond, IN, that offers a free snack and drink machine program to qualified business owners. A snack and drink vending machine is undoubtedly one of the most useful and practical vending machines available today. Depending on the location, these machines may be operated individually or combined into a combo vending machine. 

      Office employees picking snacks | Bottoms Up Vending

      You can depend on us to keep your employees, guests, and customers productive, satisfied, and happy with our reliable vending services. We will achieve this goal by providing them with snacks and beverages from our vending machines. We strive to provide your employees, guest, and customers with traditional and healthy vending products in Hammond, IN.

      You can choose from a wide selection of snacks, treats, drinks, and sweets with us. We offer a wide selection of snacks in our snack machines, including cookies, chips, candy, crackers, and pastries. We also offer our customers a variety of cold beverages, including sodas, energy drinks, juices, tea, vitamin drinks, cold coffee, flavored water, and water alternatives. For snack and drink vending services in Northwest Indiana, contact us at 708-926-2100 or submit an online form

      Sweet Treats From Ice Cream Vending Machines in Hammond, IN

      Vending machines that sell ice cream are becoming increasingly popular among people. There is nothing like a good ice cream bar; sometimes, ice cream can even serve as a meal replacement or provide a temporary break from a stressful situation.

      If your location has a loading dock or waiting room, you might consider installing an ice cream vending machine to keep the people productive and happy. With our state-of-the-art ice cream vending machines, you can enjoy quality desserts in style. In Hammond, IN, Bottoms Up Vending provides vending services that include installing, maintaining, and operating ice cream vending machines. We partner with business owners, fitness centers, hospitals, universities, car dealerships, manufacturing plants, logistic centers, and many more.

      Bottoms Up Vending provides cool treats and combo vending machine services to various companies in and around Northwest Indiana, with more than 65 employees. Learn how placing an ice cream vending machine at your location can add value to your business.

      Make Your Team More Energized And Productive With Our Coffee Vending Machines

      Coffee vending machine in an officeCoffee vending machines are now widely available in most offices, so employees can take a sip of hot coffee when needed. Undoubtedly, having a coffee vending machine in the workplace is one of the perks many employees enjoy. Business owners should purchase these types of vending machines since they are beneficial in the workplace. With a coffee vending machine, employees don’t need to purchase a cup of coffee outside the office. Coffee will be conveniently available in the office, hence, increasing their productivity. Certainly, coffee vending machines offer many benefits, and this is just one of them. Knowing more about the full coffee vending services can be beneficial to your business.

      The coffee machines we offer at Bottoms Up Vending in Hammond, IN, provide a variety of hot beverage choices. Hot drinks of cafe quality will be available in your office without all the mess and hassle of traditional office coffee services. The hot beverages we offer include hot coffee, cappuccino, espresso, etc. For full-vending services, contact us at 708-926-2100 or submit an online form.

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        Reliable Micro Market Services From Bottoms Up Vending In Hammond, IN

        The popularity of micro market vending solutions is increasing among closed-door vending establishments. Your building can be equipped with micro-markets that allow your employees to purchase items at their leisure in a convenience store-like setting. Unlike traditional vending machines, micro markets allow individuals to feel and examine their purchases before they make a purchase.

        Choosing the right location for your micro market can provide you with several vending options. For micro markets that meet certain criteria, Bottoms Up Vending Company provides free state-of-the-art vending services. Visit our Micro Market Services Page for more information on our micro markets.

        The Advantages of Bottoms Up Vending In Hammond, IN

        Vending Services at Bottoms Up Vending in Hammond, IN


        We Clean, Stock, and Maintain Your Vending Machines

        Bottoms Up Vending is a vending company you can count on in Hammond, IN. With our team of technicians and service representatives, we provide a full-service vending solution.  No matter where you are located, we provide the same great vending services.

        We utilize an inventory management system that allows us to anticipate the requirements of your location before we leave our warehouse. Keeping track of machine sales every week allows us to ensure that inventory is available and the product mix is appealing.

        We Are an Innovative and Responsive Team in Hammond, IN,

        We are always looking for ways to innovate. Our Vending Machine for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) allows you to get what you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a contactless operation. Many vending machines accept mobile payments for safe and convenient transactions. With contactless and cashless payment options, customers are assured of safety and convenience. 

        We restock our vending machines utilizing state-of-the-art inventory tracking technology, so guesswork is unnecessary. A vending service specialist constantly monitors vending machine inventory to ensure no vending options are running out. Our commitment is to respond within 24 hours if vending machine malfunctions or is damaged.

        Excellent Maintenance and Services from Bottoms Up Vending Team

        You will never have to wait for assistance as our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We place a high priority on maintaining the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of our machines. No matter what time or day of the week, your service issues will be handled promptly and courteously.

        Breakthrough Technology By Bottoms Up Vending

        Our daily lives are impacted by technology in many ways. Furthermore, our touchscreen vending machines offer the convenience of cashless payment and easy access to product information. Contact us at 708-926-2100 or visit our website to learn more about our services

        Excellent Full-Service Vending At Bottoms Up Vending In Hammond, IN

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          Best And Reliable Vending Machines in Gyms and Fitness Centers

          A vending machine has evolved into a completely automated dispensing system that can dispense a wide range of products.

          A vending machine in a gym/fitness center

          Recent years have seen a significant increase in the flexibility of fitness centers, which allows their clients to utilize their facilities at their convenience and on a flexible schedule. A fitness center vending machine offers customers various items, including water, protein drinks, vitamins, and other supplements. Rather than purchasing a machine that vends only one type of product, such as energy drinks, why not purchase one that vends several? 

          A fitness dispensing system is a fully automated product display case that allows customers to purchase products on the spot and can operate independently.

          Vending machines for your fitness facilities, health clubs, gyms, and other facilities are an excellent addition to your business. It is equally important to include a vending center within your layout as it is to include weight machines and other equipment. Customers can access the items around the clock, so no attendants are required to leave their area to assist customers.

          We provide vending machines that are fully electronic, which can display a wide variety of products and can be customized according to your specific needs. A variety of payment methods are available, including cash and online payments. With our fitness vending machines, we can track and monitor the sales of your products and the inventory levels of your items. For Full Vending Sevices, reach out at 708-926-2100 or visit our website to learn more.

          We Provide Full-Service Vending In Manufacturing Plants and Logistic Services

          Bottoms Up Vending provides logistic centers and manufacturing plants in Northwest Indiana with excellent vending services. Our company has provided top-quality freight services to facilities and manufacturing companies for over a decade.

          Bottoms Up Vending serves over 200 locations to help maintain employee satisfaction and productivity. It is important that your vending machine service is of high quality to keep your employees and guests satisfied. You can rely on us to provide your team with snack and drink vending machines with their favorite choices. 

          Our team ensures that your vending machines are properly maintained and stocked. We know that vending machines that are not working are never a pleasant experience. Hence, we make sure to keep them well-maintained and -stocked in our logistic facilities and distribution centers throughout Northwest Indiana.

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            Useful and Trusted Vending Products For Car Dealerships And Auto Garages

            Snack and drink vending machines in car dealershipsAuto dealerships and auto garages are ideal locations for our vending machines. 

            Bottoms Up Vending offers vending services in Hammond, IN, to a variety of companies, including car dealerships. Customers and employees will be more satisfied if you provide them with a variety of snacks and drinks at your dealership.

            You may find that your customers and team will enjoy the waiting time much more if you provide a wide selection of vending machines with products. Learn more about us and our services by visiting our website.

            24/7 Vending Services For Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

            Hospitals are increasingly concerned with providing healthcare solutions and ensuring patient satisfaction. Their primary responsibility during their work is to oversee the organization’s daily operations and ensure that the patients are taken care of at all times. In a busy and demanding environment such as a hospital, it is not always convenient to have food and beverages on hand; therefore, our solution addresses this need. Adding vending machines to hospitals and healthcare centers is beneficial for visitors and family members to enjoy a welcome treat while waiting. Regardless of whether the cafeteria is closed, they will still be able to quench their thirst and ease their hunger.

            Snack and drink vending machines in hospitals and healthcare centers

            Staff members, nurses, and doctors who work shifts 24 hours a day also need breaks. Vending machines provide them with beverages and snacks during their breaks, allowing them to stay refreshed and energized.

            Managing vending machines is challenging because they are more complex than they appear. Many building managers and administrators lack the expertise to maintain an inventory of food and beverages. In order to eliminate all these issues, vending services can be outsourced. The best part is that it is free! For nearly 20 years, Bottoms Up Vending Company has provided vending services to healthcare facilities, businesses, and other locations throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Recent expansions of our vending services have taken place in Wisconsin and Minnesota. You can reach out to us at 708-926-2100 or fill out the form if you think your facility is out of reach or in an area we don’t currently serve. We have vending partners all over the US that can assist you with your needs.

            Service Areas

            With Bottoms Up Vending, we aim to provide vending machine services to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana. We have been serving many areas throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. No matter how many vending machines you need, we can expand into the city you serve.

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