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Vending machine services for Healthcare facilities | Bottoms Up Vending

Bottoms Up Vending is an Illinois based vending machine service for healthcare facilities. We proudly serve over 200 vending locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, and NorthWest Indiana. Bottoms Up Vending has been providing excellent vending machine services for healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement centers since 2003 when it was founded. Starting with a single vending machine Bottoms up Vending has grown steadily to operate multiple vending routes with hundreds of happy locations and thousands of happy consumers. This growth has been attributed to a professionally trained vending team along with a strong focus on customer service.

Keeping your team Happy, Satisfied, and Productive.

Finding the right vending provider can be a challenging task, especially for full-time operations or 24/7 locations such as healthcare facilities, assisted living, and hospitals. We have been in the vending industry long enough to realize our goal– and that is to keep your team happy, satisfied and productive.

Healthcare facility vending services

The benefits of having a vending machine management company for your healthcare center

Managing vending machines is a bigger job than it may seem like. Constantly ordering food and drinks, and storing the inventory can turn into a larger headache than most building managers or administrators have the time to deal with. By outsourcing vending services all that headache can go away. And the best part is, it won’t cost you or your qualifying business a dime! Bottoms Up Vending has been providing vending machine services for healthcare facilities and other 24/7 business locations throughout Illinois and NorthWest Indiana for nearly two decades. We have recently expanded our vending services to the Wisconsin area and Minnesota locations as well. If you think your facilities are out of reach or in an area we don’t currently service, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out the form, we have vending partners all over the US and can most likely assist you.

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What are Micro-Markets? | Micro-Markets for 24/7 healthcare facilities and assisted living centers

Micro-Markets are fully-automated open markets. Micro markets can have the feel of a small convenience store but require no clerk or cashier. Micro-markets offer more options, along with fresh food and sandwich options for active locations. Micro market services allow consumers to be hands-on, read ingredients, and enjoy a much larger selection of snack and drink items. We also offer hybrid markets along with traditional vending machines. Let’s work together to find the best fit for you and your team.

You can learn more about Micro-markets on the official micro-markets wiki page here.

How quickly can I have vending machines in my healthcare facility or 24/7 business location?

Pretty quickly! We can generally move from “contact-form” to “ready-to-vend” machines at your location in 7-10 business days- the first step is in your hands- Right Now! Fill out the contact form and get the process started. Once we receive a form, we schedule an on-site visit for qualifying customers, to explore your vending needs. After that, we install, deliver and stock your machines within 3-5 business days, and add your location to one of our many vending routes already running throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota. 

Fully Stocked and well maintained vending machines

One of the most important aspects of vending machine services is having well maintained and “in-order,” stocked vending machines. Have you ever gotten to the snack machine only to find out your favorite snack is out-of-stock? Nobody likes that feeling, and at Bottoms Up Vending we do our best to make sure no one has to experience that. With consistent updates and inventory, we do our best to ensure that all vending machines are stocked and in working order at all times. 

Many of our vending machine facilities operate 24/7 and need well-maintained machines that are stocked and properly working at all hours of the day and night. We have vending technicians on staff as well as professionally trained route drivers who can handle nearly any issues on-site– in the case that a machine needs work that can’t be done on-site, we just switch it out so your team can enjoy the snacks and drinks they love!

Vending services we offer | Healthcare vending services and micro-markets

Bottoms Up Vending offers a whole line of vending services and Micro-Market self-service kiosks. With snack and drink vending, as well as ice cream and coffee solutions we’ve been successful at filing many needs from one source. Breakroom vending for employees and guests as well as self-service coffee contracts that allow employees unlimited coffee at no cost to them have been amongst popular options at healthcare and 24/7 facilities, including hospitals, police stations with over 65 employees, loading docks, manufacturing facilities assisted living centers and more. Don’t see your business listed? Don’t hesitate to fill out the form or give us a call- we service all sorts of business locations. 

What if my business doesn’t have enough employees?

If your business doesn’t have enough employees or foot-traffic for full-service vending solutions, don’t let that stop you. Learn more about servicing your own snack and drink vending machines- or installing a commercial coffee machine for your team. Get in touch to see how we can help you find the perfect vending machines for your needs.