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If you are in search of vending services for car dealerships or auto garages you have come to the right place. 

Bottoms Up Vending is a premier vending service that has been serving all sorts of vending locations including car dealerships since it was founded in 2003. As with all vending locations, a good break room or waiting room setup can make all the difference. A nice selection of snacks and drinks can contribute to your dealership’s overall customer and employee satisfaction.

 Having a great selection of vending options available with properly maintained and up-to-date vending technology can make the waiting time much more pleasant for all of your customers and of course your team as well.

Vending Machine Services for car dealerships
Vending Comapny for a car dealership

Serving Illinois largest car dealers

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Bottoms Up Vending is proud to be the vending service provider to some of Illinois largest car dealerships. Some of the car dealerships we serve are Ziegler Lincolnwood and Sherman Dodge in Skokie

Micro-Market services for car dealerships

Micro Markets are becoming more popular in the vending world, especially in closed-door environments. Micro-markets are not a one-size-fits-all and each location needs to be carefully examined to make sure a market is the right choice. Our micro-markets offer a whole slew of options including traditional snacks and drinks with the possibility of fresh foods, fruits, and healthy snacks.

Car Garage Vending service


    Servicing well over 200 Chicagoland vending locations means we have the ability to offer fast and reliable service.

    As a quality vending service with well over 200 vending locations in and around Illinois, Bottoms Up Vending has the ability to provide excellent, fast, and reliable services to all of our car dealership locations. As one of the largest vending companies in the state of Illinois, we have vans on the road in nearly every location ready to serve you.

    We take Pride in customer service and satisfaction

    When asked about our growth the response is simple– a great team of trained, professional vending technicians, slow and steady, with a strong focus on customer service. We believe that a company’s size plays an important role in its ability to provide a high standard of service. Bottoms Up Vending is able to maintain a perfect balance as we are large enough to provide fast, quality service and employ experts in the vending field– but not too large that our customers get left behind. When you call Bottoms Up Vending you speak to a person!

    Car Dealership and service garage vending company

    Coffee Vending Solutions for car dealerships and auto garages

    Car Dealerships and auto garages along with other businesses may want to provide their team members or clients with complimentary coffee. 

    Do you want to offer potential customers and clients who come into your car dealership a coffee but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying coffee and providing cups? 

    Bottoms Up Vending has high-quality coffee solutions. We offer premier coffee services to locations we serve at very low costs. Ask about leasing a commercial self-serve coffee machine and ground beans options for a classy and simple answer to your coffee challenge. 

    Where can I get a coffee vending machine for my car dealership?

    We had you worried about the commercial coffee stuff?! If you’re simply looking for a traditional coffee vending machine for your car dealership or auto garage we provide that along with free snack vending and coffee services for qualifying locations. When you choose Bottoms Up Vending you get a one-stop shop for all your vending needs.

    Ice cream Vending at car dealerships

    We have traditional vending machines, snack and drink machines, hybrid vending machines and commercial coffee dispensers as well as coffee vending machines but it doesn’t end there! 

    Bottoms Up Vending offers Ice cream Vending for qualifying car dealers at NO COST to your business. Have you seen how cool these things are? It’s literally a freezer with a vacuum. Some people buy ice cream just to see the machine work. Anyway enough with the salesy stuff. If you are looking for a quality vending machine service company that provides full-line vending services for car dealerships just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.

    Ice cream vendign services for Illinois Businesses

    Keep your team and customers happy with a great selection and healthy options available