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A Progressive and Innovative Vending Company in Wisconsin

Bottoms Up Vending is a premier vending company based in Posen, Illinois that provides free vending machines and micro markets to high-traffic locations such as offices, schools, and hospitals. With an A+ BBB rating, the company has a reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, and serves over 200 locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. 

Introducing micro markets to our business was Bottoms Up Vending’s most innovative move. These self-serve convenience stores, located within workplaces, offer a wide range of snacks, drinks, and meals to employees. Stocked with fresh and healthy options, micro markets surpass traditional vending machines in variety.

Our progressive approach allows businesses and organizations with high foot traffic to enjoy the benefits of micro markets or vending machines without any upfront costs. Recognizing the value of providing convenience and health-conscious choices where people work and play, we’re dedicated to enhancing the vending experience.

As Bottoms Up Vending continues to grow, we now employ 15 people and maintain multiple trucks and warehouses to serve our clients effectively. Customer service remains at the forefront of our business strategy, contributing to our reputation as one of Illinois’ premier vending companies.

Embracing green initiatives, we utilize energy-efficient vending machines and recycling programs to reduce waste and conserve resources, promoting a healthier planet.

Our success story began with a single vending machine in Illinois, but now, we offer our exceptional services all over the state. Revolutionizing the way people access food and beverages, we provide high-quality vending machines and micro markets, free of charge, to locations with enough foot traffic. With a steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Bottoms Up Vending leads the way in the vending industry.

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How Does Free Vending Work?

At Bottoms Up Vending, we take care of all your vending needs from installation to maintenance and stocking. Our vending service company ensures that your location is equipped with top-quality vending machines filled with a diverse selection of snacks, drinks, coffee, and more.

Whether you run a business or manage an organization, you’ll experience the convenience of offering accessible food and beverage options to your employees or customers, all without any upfront costs for the machines or products.

Meanwhile, at Bottoms Up Vending, we generate revenue through the sales of the products, making it a win-win solution for everyone involved. Let us handle the vending, while you enjoy the benefits of a well-stocked and hassle-free vending experience.

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