4 ways to know it’s time to switch your vending machine service provider

If this sounds even remotely familiar to you, that is a very clear sign that it may be time to switch your vending machine service provider to a more reliable and dependable vending company. Vending plays a vital role in employee satisfaction in the work space. Worse than having NO vending machines at all is having unstocked and unmaintained vending machines.

Sometimes a small vending company getting started will install machines and begin to service your location but unfortunately many smaller vending companies don’t make it– and then you’re left with abandoned machines and no one to maintain them.

A quality vending service should be highly responsive, answering calls and emails as well as other avenues of communication. There is no reason a company shouldn’t respond within 1-2 business days and hopefully even sooner. Vending is hopefully not a medical emergency and therefore a 24/7 call center or immediate dispatch may not be necessary. However, a reasonable response with an expected time frame to handle the issue can be looked at as an industry standard.

My Vending Machine Service hasn’t answered in over a month.

4 ways to know it’s time to switch your vending machine service provider

The vending machine at my office or business is always empty, who can I call?

Another way to know you’re likely ready to switch vending companies is that the vending machines at your office or business are always empty. Machines can be left empty due to routing issues or vending services simply not paying proper attention to inventory and movement at specific locations (or having the proper measuring technology in place.)

The first call you should make is obviously to your vending service provider to find out why the machines are not being properly maintained and what can be done to change that, quickly. However, if you’re reading this post, it’s likely that either:

a. You’ve already tried that and they never answered or didn’t get back to you


b. You’re searching for your first reliable vending service

And the great news is, Bottoms Up Vending has a solution for you in either case. We have mastered the art of hassle-free installations and vending service provider replacements. In addition, by starting with a premier vending service like Bottoms Up Vending, Posen Illinois’ premier vending service company, serving many locations throughout the midwest, you won’t have to worry about these sorts of issues in the first place. With many years of vending experience, we have been able to put excellent routing and inventory management in place so all our vending machines are in stock, in order, and ready to vend your team’s favorite snacks and drinks.

The vending machine stole money from me, what should I do?

Wondering what to do if the vending machine stole your money? Vending machines are definitely moving in the cashless direction. Most vending machines today already have card readers and other payment capabilities such as apple pay. However, as the saying goes “cash is king” so it’s still important that consumers at least have the choice to pay in cash — and believe it or not many still do! But cash comes with its own challenges (and presumably this can happen with the credit card reader too.) The vending machine stole your money! The machine accepted your cash or credit card but did not vend the requested item however the charge still went through or the machine did not dispense change.

To a certain degree and this should be quite uncommon, this type of issue can be expected. After all, a vending machine is a machine and although with updated technology and more sophisticated mechanics jams happen less often, they do still happen. This is why it is really important that your vending provider has a good refund policy in place- some vending companies will leave some refund cash with a clerk at the location, others may implement an online request refund policy.

Now that we’ve got that down, the most important bit was that this should NOT be a common issue. If the vending machine keeps stealing your money and the issue isn’t taken care of in a timely fashion, including the cash refund to the consumer affected by the defective machine– well this is another clear sign that– you guessed it — it may be time to switch your vending service provider.

Of course if your business is located in the Midwest it’s likely we can help you out, otherwise we may be able to connect you to a vending partner in your local area. To learn more about changing your vending service provider please fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you. Don’t let more time pass with your team unable to purchase the snacks and drinks they love because the vending machines are out of order- Bottoms Up vending can have your new machines up and running in just a couple of business days. Start the process today!

The route drivers always leave a mess when filling the vending machines

This may seem like a small non-issue but as time goes on it proves to play an important role in a quality vending service partner you can rely on. Vending route drivers will enter your business location, whether it’s once a week, less, or more– at some point those machines need to be filled and the vending management company you hired is responsible to do just that. But, what happens when a route driver enters your vending location? How respectful are they of your work environment? It’s really important that trained vending technicians are aware of their surroundings and act in a polite and respectful manner while entering your business location, stocking the machine and leaving the location. And, of course that the breakroom or vending area is left clean. If your route drivers always leave a mess when filling the vending machines it’s time to file a complaint with your vending service provider– and if that doesn’t help…. Well, it’s a pretty good sign it may be time to switch your vending management company 😉