7 Things to Look For in Reliable Vending Machine Services

In this page, let us discuss the 7 Things to look for in reliable Vending Machine Services:

1. Responsiveness

Responsiveness Is one of the first things you should be looking for when it comes to reliable vending machine service. The last thing you want is a company to come and install vending machines at your location but when you need something taken care of, there is no response. This can be easily tested in the beginning stages of your search by simply reaching out to vending services and seeing their true responsiveness.

Often a vending machine service with a strong online presence can be more responsive but it’s not always the case. Having a clear and consistent phone number that is easily found, and a human being answering the phone or returning your call in a reasonable amount of time is a good indication of a responsive vending service. Bottoms Up Vending’s phone number


is listed many times on the company website bottomsupvend.com, as well as various other places on the internet.
We make it super simple for our customers and anyone interested in vending machine services to reach us through simple contact forms all over our website- some people prefer sending an email. Bottoms Up Vending’s email address is info@bottomsupvend.com. Whatever vending service you are looking into, make sure they have a working email as well as phone number and that someone gets back to you in a reasonable amount of time, otherwise you may consider furthering your search.

2. Snack Requests

The second thing you should look out for when searching for a reliable vending machine service is if they accept snack requests. It’s really important to make sure your team is able to purchase the snacks and drinks they love.

Some vending companies, including Bottoms Up Vending, offer different selections at different locations depending on the preferences of the people using the machines. An example of this would be to make sure a drink vending machine at a gym is filled with Powerade and Gatorade options, because people at a gym may be in search of those kinds of drinks.

Some locations prefer more spicy snacks and others prefer more chewy or pastry options.

When searching for a vending machine service provider it’s important to verify that they can provide the snacks and drinks your team loves. Ultimately this creates a win-win situation since your team can enjoy the snacks and drinks they love while the machine is performing at its highest potential making it a profitable location for the vending company.

Of course, we love to provide excellent service and get people the snacks and drinks they want but obviously, we can’t operate on losses;) So, if you are wondering if you can request special snacks at your vending location…. The answer is a BIG YES!

3. Well stocked machines, with the snacks and drinks your team loves

When searching for a vending machine service it’s important to make sure that the vending company you use always keeps their machines well stocked. One of the most disappointing feelings for any employee is the moment when their break is about to begin and they are thinking about what snack or drink they are about to purchase from the automated vending machines… Only to find out that their favorite vending snack is “out-of-stock.”

Professional vending services have ways of tracking inventory and make sure that every machine is filled with the favorite snacks and drinks of that machine’s buyers. Food choices have a lot to do with culture and therefore some geographical vending locations in and around Illinois may prefer spicy snacks while others want more sweets. The same is true for drinks. Different locations may want different drinks and it’s important for your team to know that their desires are important to us. Our job is to keep your team happy, satisfied and productive!

Things to look for in reliable Vending Machine Services | Bottoms Up Vending

4. Up-to-date Vending tech can make all the difference in employee satisfaction

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Outdated and out-of-order vending machines only lead to employee frustrations. In many cases, it’s preferable to not have snacks and drinks or any type of vending machines at all, rather than having vending machines that cause problems. No one likes when the vending machine doesn’t dispense a snack but keeps their cash or any of the other issues outdated vending machines have. keeping vending technology up-to-date and giving customers the option to use their credit cards and contactless form of payment is a crucial point when searching for a vending company for your business.

5. Clean and friendly route drivers and vending technicians

No matter what vending company you choose to use, someone has to come to your business location to physically fill and maintain your vending equipment. It’s important to use a vending company with professionally trained technicians who wouldn’t leave a mess. Additionally a friendly route driver can add a positive impact on your business location in general. Bottoms Up Vending has extremely high standards when it comes to our route drivers and technicians. This level of standards allows us to reach our customer satisfaction goals. Each account is part of our vending family and our route drivers feel that way personally.

When searching for a vending machine service make sure to find a company that your employees and guests are happy with. Switching vending machine services can be a bit of a hassle but is oftentimes worth the inconvenience. Bottoms Up Vending makes the transition as seamless and stress-free as possible. If you’re in search of a new vending machine company click the button to fill out the form on the bottom of this page!

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6. Locally owned and operated companies you can rely on

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When it comes to searching for a reliable vending company in Illinois one of the most important things is to find a locally owned and operated company. By using a locally owned and operated company you can have a much more personal connection with your vending specialists. Bottoms Up Vending is a locally owned and operated Illinois vending company and we’re able to maintain that personal connection.

The size will play a vital role when searching for a reliable vending company. A company that’s too small may not have the resources to be able to deal with issues as they come up (after all, vending machines are machines… sometimes things come up.) And a company’s super large-scale vending service can be so big that things fall through the cracks.

Since our number one priority is customer success and employee satisfaction we maintain a perfect medium. We have grown into a premier vending service and have the resources and technicians on staff to handle all issues that come up in a timely fashion. This is precisely how we are able to maintain fully stocked clean machines with excellent up-time. At the same time, we are able to maintain a family-style service where each of our route drivers and clients feels that personal connection.

7. Testimonials

What are their current customers saying?
| References for vending Machine services in the Midwest

Things to look for in reliable Vending Machine Services | Bottoms Up Vending

Last but certainly not least is that before you choose your vending service you want to check the reviews and testimonials. Any reliable vending service should have at least a few reviews where customers can share their experience. If you’re not satisfied with the reviews you find online don’t be ashamed to ask for references. Vending is an interesting business model where there are “clients” or vending partners and end customers. Bottoms Up Vending is proudly serving over 200 locations and thousands of end customers each day. To learn more about our Free Vending Services and how you can get FREE vending machines for your business today, fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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