Benefits of Having Vending Machines in Your Business

When it comes to the benefits of having Vending Machines in Your Business location or work office, there are many certain work environments such as large factories simply need vending machines.

Locations that operate 24/7 and have workers staying overnight shifts, such as hospitals and nursing homes, also are of the category where vending machines are essential. The business I plan to focus on in this article are those that “can get away with” not having vending machine services.

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Some building managers or upper-level management may see the vending machines as problematic, or not worth it. This is why, when discussing the benefits of having a vending machine at your office or business it’s important first to establish what types of business are a good candidate for vending services. And, that there is a difference between having a self fill vending machine and hiring (for free in our case,) a full-line vending management company.

Having a self-fill vending machine may be just a matter of convenience. If being able to operate a small canteen autonomously is your objective then having just a self-fill vending machine may in fact be the right solution. However, this is generally for companies with very few employees. Larger businesses that have lots of foot traffic and will need a constant and consistent restocking of machines would become very rough to self-manage. This brings us to our first rule of thumb about what type of business is a good candidate for a vending machine.

increase employee productivity | Benefits of having vending machines at your business

#1. Businesses with a large number of employees or foot traffic, usually at least 75 to 100 people.

In order to generate enough income to keep equipment up-to-date and machines constantly stocked with fresh snacks and drinks, vending locations require a certain amount of purchases. Since not everyone will use the vending machines, and some employees or guests may use it more than others- we’ve experienced that an average of 75-100 employees can be a good candidate for vending services.

#2. A business where customers wait while receiving a service.

The first example that comes to my mind is a car dealership or auto and tire service, but there are many others. Businesses, where people wait for services, can be the DMV, or any government offices, or the doctor’s office. Hospitals are another example where people may be waiting.

#3. Businesses, where employees are working long shifts or overnight hours and leaving the facility, can be an inconvenience or disrupt the shift.

Some night shift employees may not even be able to find a place nearby to buy a snack. This is why it’s super important for these sorts of businesses, including logistics and factories as well hospitals and nursing facilities to have operational vending equipment in great working condition at all times.

Vending to boost factory employee productivity

Have you ever wondered if vending machines can actually improve productivity? There are certain aspects of the work environment and even outside the work environment that has already proven to boost productivity. One sure way to boost employee productivity is to make sure no one is hungry.


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Hunger can cloud your judgments

Studies have shown that hunger activates extra nerve cells that control perception. When we’re hungry at work, our decision-making can be affected as we’re distracted by the feelings of hunger we’re experiencing.
Taken from-  The Benefits of Coffee and the Effects of Hunger at Work

Improve employee productivity

Benefits of Having Vending Machines at Your Business | Bottoms Up Vending
The other important aspect of vending machines to boost employee productivity is a social aspect. Having a break room is so important for a healthy work environment. What better addition to a break room than the ability to purchase a quick snack, drink, or even a freshly brewed coffee? Millions of people start each day with a hot (or cold) cup of coffee. Why should your employees stop off on the way to work, when they can come straight to the break room for their morning coffee fix. Many of those people of course could use a mid-day coffee as well!

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If you’re considering vending machines for the workplace Bottoms Up Vending may be the answer you’re in search of. Bottoms Up Vending is an Illinois-based vending service that offers FREE full-line vending machine services to qualifying locations. Yes, that means absolutely no cost to your business at all.

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Tired of the headache of dealing with the vending machines and trying different companies only to be let down by one after the other? Bottoms Up Vending services well over 200 vending locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. With hundreds of happy vending partners and thousands of vending customers, we believe that we can meet your expectations as well.

What makes us unique is that we take pride in our work and customer service is our passion. In addition to that, all of our route drivers are trained vending machine technicians which means less downtime for any of your machines, ever.

Benefits of vending machines in schools

Schools and universities are another important place where vending machines can have wonderful benefits. Nearly everyone has been on campus at some point and used the vending machines. I personally remember looking forward to the breaks in class in order to purchase a snack or drink from the vending machines. Students need an outlet and they need to eat in order to perform well in class. Vending machines on campus are an excellent solution and provide students with a 24/7 canteen.

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