Combo Vending Machines: Dual Snacks and Drinks

A snack and drink combo vending machine provides you with all of the refreshments you crave in one convenient location. Combo vending machines or combination vending machines can offer a wide range of products, including chips, candy, pastries, gum and mints, soda, juices, bottled water, and even dairy products such as yogurt.

A snack and drink combo machine provides customers with a variety of options of both snacks and beverages. Moreover, these dual vending machines also allow you to choose a chilled option for your snack side so that your chocolate candies do not melt while you are using them.

It is possible for this combination drink and snack vending machine to dispense both canned and bottled beverages, up to 24 ounces, through the drink side of the machine. With these and many more features, it is a complete snack and beverage vending machine that will satisfy all of your customers’ needs.

When Did The Combo Vending Machines Start?

Combo Vending Machine with snacks and drinks | Bottoms Up Vending

The vending industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with a multi-billion dollar revenue. This all started way back in the year 1880 when the first vending machine was invented in London, England in order to sell postcards. It was not long after the turn of the century that we began to see a variety of classic round gumball vending machines being developed.

Finally, around 1940, there was the first drink vending machines were conceived. It has been about thirty years since vending businesses have taken off and now, as you know, you can buy anything from cigarettes, DVDs, books, stamps, food, condoms and so much more from vending machines.

You are all familiar with how Pepsi or Coke machines work, and you have most likely used these machines to quench your thirst in the past. This is also true when it comes to snack vending machines.

Despite this, very few people are familiar with the concept of what is known as a “Combo Vending Machine”. This is a relatively new vending machine that has quickly gained favor among vendors and has become a favorite machine among vending professionals.

How Are Combo Vending Machines Constructed?

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Combo vending machines are usually constructed from two separate machines that are attached by screws or bolts during setup. In the bottom machine, drinks will be stored in an insulated and refrigerated environment.

It is typically able to vend out 6-8 different kinds of drinks and has the ability to sell both 12 oz cans as well as bottles of varying sizes. The snack machine is usually placed on top of the drink machine and has two or three rows of snacks to choose from.

Since both machines will use identical control panels, dollar bill changers, coin dispensers, etc, it will make the cost of the machine cheaper as a whole. It has shown in studies that customers are more likely to purchase both a snack and beverage from the same vending machine when both complementary items are available.

One of the reasons vending service providers favor combo machines is their compact size and ease of movement. Typically, a combo vending machine weighs approximately 500 pounds, which is easily manageable with an appliance or utility cart. A pop machine can weigh up to 800 pounds and can’t be broken into two pieces, unlike a combo machine, which is able to be separated into two parts.

Moving a pop machine will usually require a professional vending machine mover who has a box truck, liftgate, and special motorized dolly that can be used to move the machine. The process takes a great deal of time and money.

What Makes Combo Vending Machines A Top Choice?

The combo vending machines have really become one of the favorite vending machines because they are so easy to maneuver, can fit in tight spaces, and can be positioned in smaller businesses where they are a lot more likely to be found. It’s worth noting that many of these machines can accept credit cards as well as cash, and they are very simple to use and program.

Vending machines that combine drinks and snacks are designed with two separate temperature zones to ensure the optimal temperature in your vending machine at all times. As a result, your drink selection will remain ice cold while cookies and chips will remain at a normal temperature throughout the whole event

What Makes Combo Food Machines So Convenient?

Convenient combo vending machine offers snacks and drinks

There is no doubt that vending machines have increased in popularity over the years since they were created. Combo vending machines give you a lot more flexibility in the kinds of products you can offer your customers, and it saves you a lot of precious space in your office.

There are some locations that simply are too small or do not have enough traffic to support two full-sized vendors, although they still require the requirement for food and beverages to be available.

After having a snack of chips, any person would be looking for a refreshing drink to wash them down after eating them. With one compact combo machine, your consumers will be able to make their own selection from a variety of snacks, water, soda, or energy drinks from just one place, instead of walking up and down two separate vending machines.

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