Vending Machine Services in East Chicago, Indiana

Bottoms Up Services is a vending company that offers a range of vending solutions for businesses in East Chicago, Indiana. Our company provides free installation, maintenance, and filling of vending machines that offer snacks, drinks, coffee, ice cream, and fresh food. Our company also offers micro markets, which are self-service kiosks that allow users to purchase items in a convenient and secure way. Bottoms Up Services uses advanced technology to ensure smooth operations, real-time inventory management, and multiple payment methods. Our company is committed to promoting health and wellness among its customers by offering healthy alternatives and fresh food options. Our company also cares about the environment by using energy-efficient machines and recycling programs. Bottoms Up Services is a local and reputable vending company that has been serving businesses in Indiana since 2003. Our company has a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction.


    Companies Rely On Us: 20 Years of Trusted Service

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      Bottoms Up Vending: Your Full-Service Vending Company in East Chicago, Indiana

      east chicago downtownEstablished in 2003 by the visionary Izzy Russell, Bottoms Up Vending Machine Company has risen to prominence as a leading provider of vending solutions. It all began with Izzy’s entrepreneurial spirit and a single vending machine, a humble start that quickly evolved into a thriving enterprise. From the confines of his garage, Izzy’s venture gained momentum, necessitating a shift to a warehouse in Skokie, Illinois, and a subsequent expansion to serve over 200 locations across Illinois and its neighboring areas.

      The heart of this company’s triumph lies in its unwavering commitment to customer service and unwavering dedication to innovation. Bottoms Up Vending Machine Company represents a forward-thinking and esteemed vending company, a testament to the principles of diligent work, perseverance, and outstanding customer service. By offering free vending solutions to high-traffic locations, the company actively contributes to the well-being of people where they work and play, leaving an indelible positive impact.

      Why We’re Your Go-To Option

      Picture this: Bottoms Up Vending, your trusted local companion for two decades, brings an enticing array of cutting-edge vending machines to your city. These machines, equipped to handle cash, cards, and mobile payments, serve up an exquisite selection of fresh, premium products to satisfy diverse cravings such as snacks and drink vending, coffee and ice cream. What’s more, we provide free full service vending, we’ll install and maintain these wonders at your location free of charge, all while ensuring the machines remain in pristine condition. The mission of Bottoms Up Vending goes beyond mere convenience; it’s about boosting productivity and ensuring your team’s satisfaction. Make the choice that transforms your city’s vending experience – choose Bottoms Up Vending.

      Elevate Campus Well-being and Image: Bottoms Up Vending for Schools and Universities

      east chicago housesTailored Vending Variety: Bottoms Up Vending presents an array of vending machines to suit your institution’s unique needs. Whether it’s traditional vending machines for classic snacks, drinks, coffee, and ice cream, micro market vending for fresh and healthful dining options, or healthy vending machines for nutritious and scrumptious treats, they’ve got it all. You have the flexibility to select the machine types and quantities that perfectly align with your campus size, budget, and demand.

      Comprehensive Service: Say goodbye to the hassles of managing machine inventory, maintenance, and repairs. Bottoms Up Vending takes care of it all, from installation to regular servicing. This not only ensures peak machine performance but also saves you valuable time and resources. Additionally, their use of energy-efficient machines and eco-friendly packaging showcases a commitment to environmental responsibility, reducing your ecological footprint.

      Elevated Image and Reputation: Partnering with Bottoms Up Vending instantly bolsters your campus’s prestige. With over two decades of industry expertise, this family-owned and operated business prioritizes customer service, quality, and innovation. Moreover, they’re dedicated to social responsibility and actively support local schools and charities through their Give Back Program.

      Vending Machines and Product Selection

      • Traditional vending machines for the classics. These machines have snacks, drinks, coffee, and ice cream that you know and love. They are modern and convenient, accepting different forms of payments. They are perfect for any business that wants to offer simple and reliable vending options to their employees and guests.
      • Micro market vending solutions for the adventurous. These are self-service kiosks that have fresh and healthy food options that you can explore and enjoy. They have freshly prepared lunches, salads, sandwiches, fruits, and beverages that can boost your energy and mood. They are ideal for any business that wants to promote workplace productivity, health, and employee satisfaction.
      • Healthy vending machines for the conscious. These machines have nutritious and delicious snacks and drinks that you can feel good about. They have products that meet the standards of the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Fit Pick program. They are perfect for any business that wants to support the wellness goals of their employees and customers.

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