How Important is Vending in the Post-Pandemic Era?

Many people think we’re on the tail-end of the pandemic that has ravaged us for the past three years. While that is hard to confirm, many things have changed since then, including work, schools, homes, hospitals, etc. These changes are evident, especially in the business realm. 

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During the pandemic, a paradigm shift happened that upended the norms, and we’ve seen employees spend more time at home than in the office. While this may be a good thing for some of these employees, the impact can be felt in some of the businesses serving them, such as cafes, restaurants, and other food businesses. 


Some of these businesses have had difficulty adapting to the lockdowns, and sometimes deliveries don’t just cut it anymore to gain profits. Hence, we’ve seen a lot of them close down. This closure left a lot of front liners with little to no options in terms of getting food and drinks to boost productivity. This is where vending machines fill the gaps left by these businesses by providing more opportunities and extending their offerings to include fresh food and hot meals. 


Now that protocols are easing up, and businesses and office work are recovering and starting to go back on track, companies are beginning to face challenges anew. One of these challenges is meeting employee expectations. 

Vending Saving Employee Retention

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Companies that require their employees to work in the office see the need and importance of having food and refreshments. This is because employees expect flexibility and convenience when it comes to their food options, and these options should be nourishing and, most of all, delicious. 


Employee morale has been at its lowest ever since the pandemic. But some companies have devised one solution to boost confidence and maintain productivity by providing office snacks. Whether it’s a coffee machine or a snack and drink vending machine, keeping up with the demands and expectations of employees should take priority more than ever.


Providing proper food is essential for employee retention because snacks play a more significant role than previously thought. Separate surveys done by Peapod and ZeroCater have found that more than two-thirds of those with access to various food options are happier with their current job. On the other hand, employees that don’t receive employer-provided snacks flunk the satisfaction rate by about fifty-six percent. 


It is important to note that a high employee turnover rate could cost the company tons of money and lead to its downfall. This problem can be avoided, however, by simply setting out food and may reduce the employee turnover rate by a fraction of the company’s earnings. 

Absenteeism vs. Vending

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While most people have had vaccinations and boosters, it’s no surprise that some employees could still catch the sickness. This event could bring about unwarranted stress and anxiety for the remaining employees in the office because of the assumption they might catch the disease next. 


This local spread and scare could cause unscheduled employee absenteeism, which would be a brutal hit on the company’s productivity and profit gains. Healthy vending snacks could limit acute and chronic illnesses, especially if these snacks promote a healthier body and strengthen the immune system. 

Vending Heightens Productivity

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According to United Nations International Labor Organization data, poor nutrition in the workplace could cost around twenty percent of the employees’ potential productivity. Hunger in the workplace could be a very distracting problem. While employers don’t have a say in the food their employees eat at home, they can provide more options in the office. 


Opting for nutritionally dense snacks to maximize productivity is the best bet to keep the employees energized by giving them a balanced intake of fats, protein, and carbohydrates to avoid the mid-afternoon slump. Employees with a wide variety of vending machines with multiple options are also more privy to staying in the office and enjoying their favorite food rather than leaving the office to look for a convenience store or a fast-food restaurant. 

The Millennial Workforce

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Unsurprisingly, most of the workforce now includes millennials with very different work and work ethics perspectives. Many of them have embraced the remote work setup, and now that their employers are demanding that they return to the office, this could be a huge adjustment for them. This generation is unique in that they value happiness more than the salary the company gives to them. 


Employers should recognize this difference in priorities and must work to address them to improve employees’ performance. Serving quality food and beverage provisions can make a difference. Since millennials highly appreciate it when their problems are immediately addressed, this would let them know that their employers value and care for their well-being. 


Not only does this improve employee retention and lower employee turnover, but it could also increase their capacity to produce high-quality work daily. 

How Vending Machines Help Us Get Back to Socializing

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Social anxiety is real, and staying at home for two or more years has rusted our social skills. Sure, we’ve kept in touch with colleagues and loved ones online, but it’s pretty different talking to another person face-to-face. The stress and anxiety we’ve felt at home have affected how we view work and colleagues and have enclosed us in our shells.

While the thought of returning to the office is still an anxious undertaking, it is crucial to get out of that comfort zone and start socializing slowly. Vending machines are placed strategically in offices to promote communication. 


When an employee goes to the vending machine to get a snack or beverage, there is a high chance they’ll bump into a colleague and start to chat. Encouraging employee communication can lead to productive discussions and help keep their social energy high. This can also promote mental and emotional well-being for employees to keep them happy and highly motivated. 


Final Thoughts

Vending in the Post-Pandemic Era | Bottoms Up Vending

So is the vending business important in the post-pandemic era? They fill in many gaps left behind when many other services are absent. The world is slowly opening its doors, and its relevance in schools, offices, hospitals, and other businesses has increased. We can’t deny the importance of vending machines in promoting a highly motivated and productive workforce. While ripples may not be felt now, the economic contributions and gains from the vending business may project its relevance to the broader picture in the future. 

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