Vending Machines in Healthcare Facilities: Why is it Important?

Healthcare facilities can be categorized into many institutions; there are physician offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatrician offices, and more. Within these institutions; medical staff, patients, loved ones of patients, and office employees are constantly focused on the task at hand.

Whether it is a medical professional overworking and just not taking the time to stop for a meal, a patient waiting to be treated or in the process of being treated, or a loved one that is just too nervous to eat; providing vending machines in healthcare facilities will give them access to quick and easy meals 24/7.

medical team poses for new vending machines

How can vending machines help keep medical staff satisfied and more effective?

Healthcare facilities employ doctors, nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, secretaries, and other medical professionals. All who work extremely long shifts and are not always thinking about when is the next time they can pick up a refreshment. It is important to give them access to quick and easy meals.

It is impossible to expect medical staff to focus on their crucial tasks when they are unable to re-energize with healthy and quick meals.  Providing multiple vending machines, with various food options will allow them to take a much-needed break and give them that moment to regroup. Due to the long hours and commitment to employment, providing vending machines also allows access to short social gatherings. Rather than completely and only focusing on tasks, which can increase the risk of burnout, they can gather around the coffee machine and take a minute to socialize with coworkers. Building connections during that time adds an extra boost of energy and promotes team building.

Hospital vending machines - vending services for health care facilities

Vending snacks for hospital visitors and loved ones of patients:

Visitors to patients are in high-stress situations. It can take hours before they hear an update on their loved ones. They do not want to leave and in their stress, forget to eat or drink. Supplying access to quick and easy meals will help them take care of themselves without having to leave their loved ones. Furthermore, they visit at all hours even when the facility cafeteria may be closed. Vending machines are a way to provide them with a meal at any time.

Nutritious meals on the go for healthcare facilities patients alike:

Let’s be honest here, hospital food leaves a lot to be desired. Most patients are on a strict diet, which is all they can eat. However, with all that they already have to deal with, why not provide a nutritious snack that they can enjoy? Vending machines do not need to carry only sugary drinks and high-fat foods, nutritious, low-sugar, and low-fat foods, and beverages can be readily available as well.

Some of the healthcare facilities that we service are Aperion Care, Dobson Plaza, Bria health services, and many others. To learn more about the vending services that we offer fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll get back to you shortly.