How do vending machine businesses and vending service companies work?

Vending Services

Vending machine businesses can operate in different ways but I’m going to try and give a general idea of how Vending Service companies work in general. Vending companies, like all companies, can vary in size. Really large vending companies obviously operate a bit differently than small, local, or “one-man” vending operations. The truth is it doesn’t really matter how big the vending company is. What matters is the level of service they provide!

Generally speaking, vending service companies work independently of the locations the machines are being operated.

Business A decides that as they grow they need an option for guests or employees to be able to purchase snacks and drinks on location, but they don’t want this to take up too much time or energy from anyone in the company. That’s when they call a vending service to come to install vending machines at their location. Most vending services own vending machines and fill the machines placed at their clients’ (Business A) location. The vending service takes full responsibility for the vending machine, including maintenance, installation, repairs, and of course stocking the machines. Quality vending services may even track the favorite snacks and drinks of Business A’s employees in order to provide the best vending services possible.

Depending on the size of the vending location and the number of employees or guests, the vending service may or may not have a service fee, sometimes phrased as a “lease” for the vending equipment. Bottoms Up Vending is a premier vending service, servicing many locations throughout Illinois. All of our vending services are provided to qualifying locations at absolutely no cost to the business. In other words, we never charge you a penny!

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    What can you put in vending machines?

    The answer to this question is actually pretty amazing. You can put anything inside of a vending machine!! If the machine is big enough, that is. In some locations in the US there have been car vending machines. You could order a car and pick it up at a huge vending machine, the size of a car garage. But, obviously that’s not your typical vending machine. Generally, snack vending machines carry all sorts of candy and chocolate items, including Americans favorite snacks. Each vending machine can choose items based on the popularity of those items in those locations. Hotel vending machines might include some small things you’ll need just for a night or two, like a small tube of toothpaste etc. Drink vending machines tend to be coke machines carrying all coke products or Pepsi machines carrying all Pepsi products. Privately owned vending machines can carry coke, Pepsi and any other products they’d like. Snacks and Danishes or pastries are the most common for vending machines. Dariotos, Cheetos, Frito-lay chips are all excellent choices and do well in most vending locations. You can also try new snacks and drinks and see what works for your vending location.

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    What are the best places to put a vending machine?

    Adding a vending machine, whether it be a snack vending machine, a drink vending machine, or an ice cream vending machine, will add value to your business and keep your staff happy, satisfied, and productive. However, placing your vending machine in the right location is very important.

    Do you have steady and increasing foot traffic or close to 75 occupants? Installing a vending machine will upgrade the workplace or business location. Investing in employee or guest satisfaction will in turn increase employee productivity and encourage guests to return to your location. Taking inventory is important so that you know exactly what your team and guests want.

    Imagine this scenario. You enter the building and all you want is a refreshing, cold soda. The problem is you can’t seem to find a drink machine anywhere. The water fountain down the hall is not going to cut it. You’re walking around aimlessly and ultimately your experience is ruined.

    Now, imagine this second scenario. You are walking towards a nice tall building when you think, “I could use a refreshing cola right now!” You walk through the automatic doors and right in front of you is a big vending machine stocked with all your favorite drinks! Your experience in this business location is off to the right start!

    What do you think? Will you be more likely to return to that location in the first or second scenario?

    What are the best areas for a vending machine?

    Entrances and Exits

    Placing your vending machines at the entrance and exit of your location is a great way to ensure your staff and guests have a great experience. Catch their attention right as they enter the room with enticing snack and drink machines. Place a vending machine at the exit and top off their experience with a satisfying drink or snack.


    The breakroom is a place for your team to socialize, relax, and recharge. A breakroom is an excellent place to put your vending machines. Your staff can snack and chat together at the break!


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    If your business location includes having your customers wait in line, you should consider placing a vending machine close to the line. This way, your customers can stay satisfied with a drink or snack while waiting patiently.

    Waiting Rooms

    Waiting rooms are another great area to place a vending machine. Adults and children sometimes get anxious waiting around. Putting snack, drink, or ice cream machines close to where they are waiting will enhance their experience.

    Apartment Complex

    Apartment Complexes with a large number of occupants are a great place to put a vending machine so residents and guests can have easy access to snacks and drinks as they come and go. The mail room can be a good place to place a machine, but the best locations allow guests and residents to see the machine as they enter the building.