How do I get a vending machine for my office?

The short answer here is that if you have enough foot traffic in your business you are eligible for free vending services.

Bottoms Up Vending is the popular choice for all businesses in the Midwest.

Here’s the long answer.

There are generally two ways to get a vending machine for your office or business. One option is purchasing a vending machine and self-stocking. The second option is partnering with a full-service vending company. Full-service vending companies are a common route when it comes to installing a vending machine for your office since they handle stocking, maintaining, and inventory tracking leaving you headache and worry-free!

Vending machines require someone to continuously restock them, maintain them, and handle the logistics, food purchasing, as well as storage. And this is all before technical issues, such as faulty bill readers that all machines may run into. We understand you are extremely busy running your business and we are happy to take one more thing off your shoulders.

Full-service vending companies will save you all the headache of delivering, installing and setting up all your vending equipment. The vending service then maintains the machines and stocks them, usually weekly, depending on how often the machine empties. This leaves you headache free and allows your team to indulge in the breakroom snacks that they can enjoy throughout the day.

Can you put a vending machine outside?

You can technically put a vending machine outside. However, besides the fact that most vending machines require an electrical outlet to run and should be placed under a roof to protect from rain damage and other weather damage, there are many reasons why not to place a vending machine outside.

One reason you should NOT leave a vending machine outside is a significantly increased chance of vandalism to the machine or possibly burglary. It’s important to place the vending machine in a location where your staff can easily access the machine in a comfortable and quick manner. You can read with our article about this, here is the link.  Some locations have no choice but to leave vending machines outside and these locations generally take extra precautions with cameras or cages to protect the machines. As a general rule vending machines that are kept indoors and sheltered from harsh weather have a longer life expectancy. We recommended all vending machines be kept indoors at a temperature-controlled location.

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Can you put a vending machine outside

Is owning a vending machine worth it?

Now you may be wondering if owning a vending machine is worth it. Of course this really depends on your individual and business needs, but simply put — it’s probably not worth the headache. Full service vending companies make money because they buy products in bulk and pay lower cost per unit. Full service vending companies are already running routes and have warehouse space designated for vending purposes. Most full service vending companies even have on staff machine technicians to immediately deal with any technical issues that may come up. At Bottoms Up Vending we stock enough vending equipment that our customers never go very long with problematic equipment. Even in an odd case where a machine seems to need off-site repairs, we’ll put a brand new machine in its place. If you would own your own vending machine and run into a technical issue, you would need to call out a vending machine repairman. Once the technician comes out if the machine needs off site repairs you would be stuck without a machine at all. And all this costs heavily on workplace activity which is our top priority along with customer service.

What can you put in vending machines?

The real question is “what can you not put in a vending machine?” Because, in truth you can put nearly anything! From Gumballs to iPods and Laptops. However when it comes to traditional vending services the most common types of vending machines are soda machines and snack machines often referred to as candy machines. Some other commonly used vending machines are ice cream and coffee vending machines.

In certain situations if you have a vending machine from a specific company like Coke machine for example you may only be allowed to put Coke products in that machine. Snack machines are usually privately owned and really you can sell anything from snacks to books and more. As a full service vending company in the food space we carry traditional snacks and chocolates in our snack machines. Some classics are Twix bars, snickers, milky ways and various mars chocolates. We also stock gum and chips. At Bottoms Up Vending we follow location trends to make sure that your team has the snacks and drinks the love available to them. We also offer self service kiosk and micro markets, which include many more options and have much more room for personalization and customization. We can brand our markets with your company name and logo for a personal touch.

How do I get a vending machine for my business or officeIf you have any further questions or comments please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!