What are the best places to put a vending machine?

Adding a vending machine, whether it be a snack vending machine, a drink vending machine, or an ice cream vending machine, will add value to your business and keep your staff happy, satisfied, and productive. However, finding the best places to put a vending machine is a must!

Do you have steady and increasing foot traffic or close to 75 occupants? Installing a vending machine will upgrade the workplace or business location. Investing in employee or guest satisfaction will in turn increase employee productivity and encourage guests to return to your location. Taking inventory is important so that you know exactly what your team and guests want.

Imagine this scenario. You enter the building and all you want is a refreshing, cold soda. The problem is you can’t seem to find a drink machine anywhere. The water fountain down the hall is not going to cut it. You’re walking around aimlessly and ultimately your experience is ruined.

Best places to put a vending machine | Bottoms Up Vending

Now, imagine this second scenario. You are walking towards a nice tall building when you think, “I could use a refreshing cola right now!” You walk through the automatic doors and right in front of you is a big vending machine stocked with all your favorite drinks! Your experience in this business location is off to the right start!

What do you think? Will you be more likely to return to that location in the first or second scenario?

Best Places to put a Vending Machine

Entrances and Exits

Placing your vending machines at the entrance and exit of your location is a great way to ensure your staff and guests have a great experience. Catch their attention right as they enter the room with enticing snack and drink machines. Place a vending machine at the exit and top off their experience with a satisfying drink or snack.


A breakroom is a place for your team to socialize, relax, and recharge. A breakroom is an excellent place to put your snack and drink vending machines as well as coffee machines. Your staff can snack and chat together during the break!

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms are another great area to place a vending machine. Adults and children sometimes get anxious waiting around. Putting snack, drink, or ice cream machines close to where they are waiting can enhance their experience.

Best Places according to Chat-GPT

The success of a vending machine largely depends on its location. Choosing the right place to put a vending machine is crucial for maximizing sales and profitability. Here are some of the best places to consider for vending machine placement:

  1. Office Buildings: Placing vending machines in office buildings can be highly profitable. Employees often seek snacks, beverages, and quick meals during their workday, making office spaces a prime location.
  2. Schools and Universities: Vending machines in educational institutions can cater to students and faculty, providing them with snacks, beverages, and even school supplies. High-traffic areas like cafeterias, libraries, and student lounges are good placement options.
  3. Hospitals and Medical Facilities: Patients, visitors, and healthcare staff frequently spend long hours in hospitals. Vending machines in waiting areas or staff break rooms can provide convenient access to refreshments and snacks.
  4. Gyms and Fitness Centers: Vending machines offering healthy snacks, protein bars, and beverages can be placed in fitness facilities. Customers often look for post-workout snacks and hydration options.
  5. Airports and Transportation Hubs: Travelers often appreciate the convenience of vending machines for snacks, drinks, and travel essentials in airports, bus terminals, and train stations.
  6. Hotels and Resorts: Vending machines with toiletries, snacks, and beverages can be placed in hotel lobbies or on guest floors for guests’ convenience.
  7. Manufacturing Plants and Factories: Employees working in manufacturing facilities may not have easy access to stores or cafeterias. Vending machines with quick snacks and drinks can be strategically placed in these locations.
  8. Shopping Malls: High foot traffic areas like shopping malls can be excellent locations for vending machines offering a variety of snacks, drinks, and other items.
  9. Entertainment Venues: Movie theaters, amusement parks, sports stadiums, and concert venues can benefit from vending machines that offer snacks, beverages, and even merchandise related to the entertainment event.
  10. Apartment Complexes and Residential Areas: Vending machines can be placed in apartment building common areas, laundry rooms, or fitness centers, providing residents with easy access to snacks and beverages.
  11. Gas Stations and Convenience Stores: While not the traditional vending machine locations, partnering with gas stations or convenience stores to place vending machines outside can capture additional customers seeking quick, convenient purchases.
  12. Public Facilities: Government buildings, libraries, and community centers often have vending machines for visitors and employees.
  13. Manufacturing Facilities: Factories and industrial facilities can benefit from vending machines for supplying employees with snacks, drinks, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The key is to identify locations with high foot traffic and where people have a need or desire for the products offered by the vending machine. Conducting thorough market research and negotiating agreements with location owners or managers are essential steps in finding the best places to put vending machines.

Additionally, understanding the preferences and needs of the target audience in each location can help tailor the vending machine’s product offerings for maximum success.

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