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Enjoy the convenience of our free vending services right here in Plainfield, Illinois. Our vending machines are conveniently located in offices, schools, and hospitals, offering a delicious variety of fresh snacks and refreshing beverages. We handle the installation and maintenance, so you can relax. Enjoy the simplicity of satisfying your cravings with our efficient inventory system. Experience the joy of our free vending services, enhancing your Plainfield experience.


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      Bottoms Up Vending

      Serving Plainfield, Illinois Since 2003

      Welcome to Bottoms Up Vending, your steadfast vending partner, dedicated to elevating workplace satisfaction and productivity right here in Plainfield, Illinois.

      With over two decades of experience, we are proud to offer comprehensive vending services to eligible businesses in Plainfield and the surrounding areas. Our unwavering commitment to employee well-being and top-notch customer service sets us apart in the vending industry.

      Why Choose Us:

      Investing in a vending machine, coffee station, or micro-market for your business is a testament to your dedication to your employees’ well-being. This dedication is a catalyst for heightened productivity and customer loyalty. Bid farewell to vending machine hassles; we guarantee you a seamless, convenient, and worry-free vending experience!

      Getting Started:

      Embarking on your journey with Bottoms Up Vending is a breeze. Let us handle the heavy lifting. Simply complete the form to discover more about our complimentary vending services customized to meet your Plainfield business needs. In as little as 3-5 business days, you could have a brand-new vending solution in place.

      Plainfield Illinois

      Our Comprehensive Services:

      Bottoms Up Vending offers an extensive range of services to cater to your unique needs, including:

      Exploring Micro-Markets:

      Welcome to the future of vending with our Micro-Markets. Transform your breakroom into a mini convenience store, allowing your staff and guests to peruse, touch, and select from a variety of fresh and healthy food options. From salads, sandwiches, yogurts, soups, sparkling drinks, pastries, to indulgent ice cream, you’ll have it all. Boost team morale and create a modern breakroom experience.

      Experiencing Office Coffee Solutions:

      For the coffee enthusiasts among you, rejoice! We understand the importance of coffee time. Choose from our automated office coffee vending machines or self-service options. Customize your coffee experience with cup size, roast type, and condiments. Sign up for our monthly coffee subscriptions, providing unlimited coffee to your team at no cost to them. Elevate team spirit and productivity one cup at a time.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q: What is Bottoms Up Vending, and what services do they offer?

      A: Bottoms Up Vending is a leading vending company with a rich history of providing free vending machines and micro markets to high-traffic locations, including offices, schools, and hospitals. Our range of vending services includes snacks, beverages, ice cream, coffee, and micro-market vending. We handle everything from delivery and installation to maintenance, stocking, and inventory management.

      Q: How can I get free vending services from Bottoms Up Vending for my Plainfield location?

      A: To qualify for free vending services from Bottoms Up Vending, your Plainfield location should have a minimum of 65 occupants. Feel free to complete the form on our website or give us a call at 708-926-2100 to request a free consultation and quote. We’ll assess your location and recommend the ideal vending solution tailored to your specific needs.

      Q: What are the advantages of having free vending services from Bottoms Up Vending at my Plainfield location?

      A: By partnering with Bottoms Up Vending for free vending services at your Plainfield location, you can provide convenient access to a wide range of food and beverage options for your employees or customers, all without incurring upfront costs or operational hassles. Customize your product selection to cater to your team’s preferences and health-conscious choices. Additionally, benefit from our energy-efficient and eco-friendly vending machines and micro-markets, which contribute to waste reduction and resource conservation.

      Resources in Plainfield, Illinois:

      • The Village of Plainfield website, which is the official site for the local government and administration of Plainfield. You can find information on the services, community, government, departments, business, and police of Plainfield on this website. You can also pay your utility bill, request a building permit, file a FOIA request, and access other online resources on this website.
      • Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce, which is the organization that represents and supports the local businesses and organizations in Plainfield. You can find a directory of their members, a calendar of their events, a newsletter, and a blog. You can also access their resources and opportunities for networking, marketing, and education.

      Contact Us:

      Bottoms Up Vending is your trusted full-service vending machine company, headquartered in Posen, Illinois. Connect with us today to discuss tailored vending solutions for you and your team.

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